ipomoea batatas hannah

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Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas Hannah)
  • Food Producing
Growth Habit:
Human Uses:
  • Edible Leaves
  • Edible Roots
Shade tolerance:
  • Light Shade
  • Open Canopy
  • Medium Shade

Sweet Potatos have highly nutritious tubers, leaves and shoots. Possibly one of the earliest cultivated plants, remnants of Sweet Potato were discovered in South America from 8000 B.C. Best of all, Sweet Potato loves to grow in the shade of other plants as a ground cover.

The cultivar 'Hannah' has soft and lightly sweet flesh, making it a favorite for eating. It's utility in the forest ecosystem is still unknown.

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Full Height:
0.30 m
Full Width:
4.00 m
  • Morning Sun
  • Mid-morning Sun
  • Afternoon Sun
  • Setting Sun
  • Half Shadow
  • Dappled Shadow
Root Profile: